Alternator parts

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Alternator parts

Post by Rattlenbang »

If you can't get OEM parts locally or are too expensive, this document lists part descriptions as well as part numbers for Mitsubishi alternators. You can save a whole whack of cash replacing individual parts like brushes, bearings and seals, regulators and rectifiers, with generic ones rather than buying a new or rebuilt alternator. I was able to find a description of the O-ring seal between the vacuum pump and alternator, making replacement very easy.
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Alternator parts

Post by Firesong »

I had my last one completely rebuilt for $65 or $70 locally. Made the jump from 75 amp to 110.
But it is good to know you can get individual seals and such.
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Re: Alternator parts

Post by FalcoColumbarius »

Nice find, Rattlenbang ~ I reposted your information in Delica FAQ under "Useful Links for Vehicle Part Identification Purposes" with a link to your original thread (this one).

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