1994 Strada K34 First Impressions

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1994 Strada K34 First Impressions

Post by Ralph in Winnipeg »

I picked my truck up in Vancouver so if you saw a blue and white firetruck Mitsubishi Strada with lights in the roof on the #1 East that was me!

I was worried about power but only had to shift out of 5th once on a long hill somewhere between Merritt and Kamloops. Coolant Temps went up a bit climbing the hills and came down on the other side (thank god, driving an unknown vehicle 2400kms is nerve wracking). My impreza would have been about the same it it is 170 hp compared to the Strada s 90 hp.

Turning radius is huge as others mentioned.....u turn, nope go around the block. Not a nimble city car, this is a truck and pretty close to 20 feet long. Definitely something to keep in mind when negotiating parking lots etc.

What I wasn't prepared for was what I think is the high rpms. 3500 rpm at 110 kph. In 5th.... Isn't this a diesel? Definitely need bigger tires than the stock 195s. 235/75R15 s are 15% larger in diameter so that should drop highway rpms to 3100ish. Higher than I thought but that explains the hill climbing...low gearing.

I will post pics in my thread on the mods, parts are in my shop ready to install!
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