Nissan Patrol Y60GR parts on L300

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Nissan Patrol Y60GR parts on L300

Post by koaluche »

Hi everyone !

I've not introduced myself yet in the presentation topic but I'll do it tomorrow I really wanted to ask you this before as I have everything in mind.

So i'm a french guy looking to buy a Mitsubishi L300 as I like 4x4 van but as I already had some 4x4 more or less efficient off-road I wanted to be sure this one would be a excellent one. I'm planning on fitting 35 inch tires because I want it to be easy in any off-roading condition I might be taking it, not that I'm a crazy off-roading guy but sometimes getting to a camp site can be tricky and I dont want to damage the van.

So I've seen that the most common lift on these L300 is a 2 inch, I dont know exactly what kind of tire are most used but a guy with a 4 inch lift managed to fit 33" but I've not seen how he managed to do it but I think it's a mix of suspension and body lift as it didn't seem to have much articulation. This setup looks quite complicated and not really optimal for all the work involved.

My plan is to found a set of rear and front Nissan Patrol Y60GR axles and to fit them under the L300, for the rear I think this might be the aesier as I'll have to center it in the wheel well, make custom maybe 4 links, maybe 2 control arms and panhard bar, make custom spring receiver on the frame and a custom shaft.
For the front I dont know yet if I want to keep the IFS by transforming the Patrol differential like the L300 or leaving it a solid axle but I think that IFS with extended upper and lower control arms could be great.

Because thanks to the rear axle wich will be wider I'll get a more stable vehicle and I'll get the opportunity to widen the front IFS and to gain some travel and ride height.

Other benefits will be the possibility to add front and rear air lockers, Patrol rims suited for 35" tires, bolt on portal axle maybe somedays and to change gear ration to match tire size as the Patrol is well known and used in the world.

I don't know if anything like that have been made before but let me know about it and tell me what do you think of it cause the only way i'va managed to think of this wasby watching videos of people working on their Delica and reading forums like this one.

Thank you !
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