All Japanese Car Show on June 24, 2012

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Re: All Japanese Car Show on June 24, 2012

Post by kb&2dogs »

Heading out on a camping trip on Wednesday, too much to do to get ready for that to make the show. Maybe next year! Have fun everyone
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Re: All Japanese Car Show on June 24, 2012

Post by LeeHammy »

For those who showed.... Nice to see some of the real side of JDM... Most cars were left hand drive with some $ under the hood however nice they were the RHD were the real unique ones. Good to see some 4x4 there. Was cool to see all the technology going into making things go fast. Worth attending just for the eye candy so see you all next year.
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Re: All Japanese Car Show on June 24, 2012

Post by mararmeisto »

It was good to see a showing from the JDM section, even a couple of Mitsubishis (although apparently there were more in the parking lot than in the show, disappointing).

Good to see Artacoma, LeeHammy, and RMI in the crowd. There were other JDM vehicles, but I didn't recognise anyone else from the forum. Thnx to John for the loan of a Japanese plate, I left mine at home because I'd forgot it, and wasn't feeling well (too many wobbly-pops last night), and I was running behind schedule... you know, that ol' thing.

Anyway, here's a couple of pictures, and the debut of my expedition trailer. I was able to re-use the roof top tent I bought a number of years ago, so I was very happy about that. The primary design is from a company called Compact Camping Concepts, but I expanded upon it. Camping pictures will follow later this year, after I drive to Oregon and try to squeeze in some camping on the Island before the winter snows begin blowing again.

And finally, I didn't win the visit to the tuner shop again this year (dammit!), but one of these years... just to see the looks on their faces.
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Re: All Japanese Car Show on June 24, 2012

Post by FalcoColumbarius »

Monty's got a nice trailer, Mararmeisto ~ love the stripe, nice touch.

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