Delica and Nova Scotia Insurance

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Delica and Nova Scotia Insurance

Post by LMcD »

Good Morning from Nova Scotia.
I have had my Delica for about 2 years now and when I first got it to NS I had a little bit of a hard time finding Ins for RHD- which I was expecting.
This year, my broker came back to me and said that my Ins company (Royal and Sun Alliance) will not renew my Delica Ins unless we move our other vehicle over to them. But their cost is almost $400 higher for that other vehicle then were we currently have Ins - now to a simple fellow like me, this seems slightly criminal - but hey, who am I right.
So, now I am looking around for another Ins company and coming to you fine folks to look for help.
Does anyone have any input for Ins companies? Or should I just change companies,then pay up and shut up and get on my knees and thank those crooks for providing me with ins?
Much Thanks,
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Re: Delica and Nova Scotia Insurance

Post by FalcoColumbarius »

That sucks and I'd be interested to know how legal that is. I imagine that there must be an insurance act of Canada. Lately I've found myself downloading act PDFs such as the Bank Act, Health Act, the Constitution. Know thy rights and don't give up ~ we're Canadians, eh? :M We don't have to kau tau in Canada, last I checked.


P.S.: I've moved this thread to RHD Political and Legal Matters.
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Re: Delica and Nova Scotia Insurance

Post by patriceboivin »

I replied to a PM from him.

We deal with Johnson's Insurance, but we end up paying "facility" rates -- i.e. really high rates because the auto insurance companies don't really want to cover RHD vehicles.

They also keep asking me to double-check my VIN, surely the one I sent them is wrong, it doesn't match the standard format... blah blah blah

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Re: Delica and Nova Scotia Insurance

Post by Big-Bird »

We use Melloche Monex (Insurance Division owned by TD Canada Trust)

I have full coverage on the wifes Nissan Juke and Basic on the Deli. No fuss, no hassles from them.

If you try and get full coverage most of the insurers won't be much help.
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Re: Delica and Nova Scotia Insurance

Post by Dalene »

I was paying huge amounts, $1750 annually for both liability and comprehensive coverage, which is extrimly high and got me renew it automatically without asking me if Im satisfied with my own insurance, I wont mention names here, they told me people that have 9 points on their licence already could well pose an increased risk of accident and are therefore likely to have to pay more than an individual with a clean driving licence. :shock: anyway I searched on this forum for anyone who wants to get some good deals, here : car insurance , a thread with some great companies that people mentioned with some reviews
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