RHD in Ontario - 2017 Edition

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RHD in Ontario - 2017 Edition

Post by Cambullos »

Hi All,

I just wanted to update this particular forum on my adventure in registering my Deli in Ontario after moving from BC. After reading several posts, it appears the climate for universally accepting RHD vehicles has shrunk significantly. I phoned many insurance companies and was met with indignance and most interestingly, denial that they have rhd vehicles on their books...

Aviva insurance has a program where they want the rest of your insurance business to insure the rhd vehicle. I went through a broker: Blake Trickey at MacDougall insurance brokers. He was a good guy and sympathetic to the cause. I signed up my Deli ($1858/yr) and my mini van ($1374/yr) and did not change my house ins. because of the specific flood insurance provided by the local guys. I needed to provide pictures of the exterior and engine, I presume to prove it wasn't a heavily modified skyline.

Insurance Hard no's:
- Meloche Monnex
- Cooperators (although they did offer facility rates at 3.5k/yr, no Thanks!!)
- Desjardins
- Statefarm
- Hagerty (no because it wasn't a classic vehicle under their definition but they do accept rhd)

After the insurance, it was a piece of cake:
- Safety certificate at the mechanic, no emissions required
- New drivers license
- vehicle registration where they had to by-pass the weird VIN by calling the hotline.
- install new plates
- drive away.

So not the cheapest... but its done. Hope this helps/ saves a headache or two.

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RHD in Ontario - 2017 Edition

Post by willskigilbert »

I did the same this spring. Moving from Sask to Ontario. The Personal was going to do it until they call me back and asked if it was a RHD.... than it was a hard no. But Blake came around and was of great help and patience. I highly recommend him.
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RHD in Ontario - 2017 Edition

Post by bikerbobber »

I just got a quote from Cooperators of $660/ yr (base coverage) for a 98 Deli. I already have all my other insurance ( 2 SUVs, house and Boat) with them though .

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